The Pack:

Addison Savaughn's only sin was being born at the wrong time, to the wrong bloodline.


Celestine Savaughn kept her daughter isolated, locked away from the world. 


As the last descendant of the Devinforge blood line, Addison  had a destiny greater than she had it in her to imagine, a destiny that required sacrifice - great sacrifice. 


So instead of dolls and pretty dresses, Addison had her knives and pistols.  Instead of school, Addison had drills and patrols. Instead of friends, Addison had Mama and the Hunters' Guild.


Still, there was just one problem.  Addison didn't believe a word of it. 


She didn't believe in Mama.  She didn't believe in the Guild.  And she certainly didn't believe in wolves with hair on the inside.



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