Movies Worth a Gander

No, folks no exchange of fowl here…at least not this time. Movies Worth a Gander is simply a listing of movies that I personally find to be worth a look if you haven’t already seen them.  And yes, I’ve really personally watched them all (and literally thousands more), and this is solely my opinion.

Why did I choose the movies I chose? Various reasons. Some are exceptionally good, interesting and/or thought provoking. Some are so bad that they’re good i.e. hysterically funny (with or without the aide of intoxicants). Some are just very quirky. This list will be shifting and growing as my memory spews up more/I see more movies.

Note: Unless I list a sequel or a sequel range, I am only referring to the movie listed. If you dare to rent the prequel/sequel, you’re on your own.

Second Note:  Watch the movies in their original language.  I repeat: Watch the movies in their original language.  For the love of all that is good in the world, read the subtitles and don't do the dub version.  I have NEVER seen a good dub (except sometimes on cartoons where it's very hard to tell).  On live action movies, it's gawd awful and should be banned. 

I know subtitles are hard when you first start trying to watch a movie and read them but I promise you, the overwhelming majority of people get used to them.  As sad as it is and with all of the technology today you would think that there would be seamless dubs out there.  However, there just aren't. 

With dubbing as it stands today, you miss out on the vocal subtleties inherent in good acting.  The voices also never match the actors’ nor do they convey the original tone/meaning effectively.  Even movies I enjoyed subtitled, I have detested in dub version.  Movies where only the dub version is available, I won’t watch.  I have tried but it’s just too bad.

Yes, I was a big fan of the terribly dubbed Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Movies back in the day but that was before I knew any better. (wink)  Fortunately, every so often, you can find them subtitled instead.

Lastly: For more information on the titles listed here try: http://www.imdb.com/. They have a great database of movies that you can search that includes pretty much everything you could want to know about most movies.

Disclaimer: Seamonkey Ink is in no way responsible for any accidents, injuries, mental illnesses, spontaneous deaths, homicides, suicides, vagrancy, loitering, trespassing, sexual addition, drug abuse or alcoholism which may result from accepting any of these recommendations.


Grea Alexander 

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Seamonkey Ink