Task O' The Week (con't)

WEEK 52  Car Fun:   Paint your car with occult symbols.

WEEK 53  Turn to someone who isn’t speaking and loudly shush them.

WEEK 54 Car Fun:   Keep at least five cats in the car.

WEEK 55  Speak in a foreign accent to a stranger.  Bonus: When they ask where you’re from reply in your normal voice.

WEEK 56  Car Fun:  Have some passengers in the back who are having wild, noisy sex.

WEEK 57  Ask someone what kind of car they drive.  When they tell you, let them know you just saw someone hit their car and drive away. BONUS: They run out to check.

WEEK 58  Car Fun:  Root (cheer, not snuffle in the mud) for firetrucks.

WEEK 59 End every sentence with “And the point goes to..."

WEEK 60 Car Fun:   Stop and collect roadkill.

WEEK 61  Leave a VM pretending to be from a utility company.  Notify the person that you haven’t received payment so their service will be disconnected IMMEDIATELY. 

BONUS POINTS:  They try to call you back or you keep them on the line for an extended period of time. 

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: They try to pay you. Hint: If you accept it, you’ve committed fraud.

WEEK 62  Car Fun:   Throw Spam

WEEK 63  Randomly breathe like Darth Vader for 2 minutes. 

WEEK 64  Car Fun:   Get in the fast lane and gradually…slow…down…to a stop.  Then get out and watch cars.  Throw Spam at them.

WEEK 65  Change someone’s ringtone to the most obnoxious sound you can find. For example: a fire truck alarm, a scream, a fart, a burp.

WEEK 66  Car Fun:  Sing with a microphone. Yes, a real one.

WEEK 67  Look at someone like you don’t understand a word they’re saying for 5 full minutes.

WEEK 68  Car Fun:  At stop lights, call to people walking/in other cars. When they respond, ask them random trivia questions.

WEEK 69  Ask someone what kind of car they drive.  When they tell you, tell them you think they’re getting towed.  BONUS: They run out to check.

WEEK 70  Car Fun:  Honk to the beat of the song on the radio.

WEEK 71  Reset someone else’s voicemail to a fast food slogan.  Ex: “You’ve reached Burger King. Your Way Right Away.” Bonus: Caller leaves an order.

WEEK 72  Car Fun:  While stopped, turn up the radio and encourage people in other cars/walking to sing.

WEEK 73  Wolf down a meal.  When someone stares at you or comments tell them you’re eating for two.  BONUS: When they ask if you’re pregnant, look at them like they’re stupid and say no.  EXTRA BONUS: You’re a man.

WEEK 74  Car Fun:   Stop and pray to roadkill.

WEEK 75  Stare at someone strangely and ask them to “Come to the dark side.”

WEEK 76  Car Fun:  Get an old school root beer in a brown glass bottle and drink as you drive.

WEEK 77  Reset/set someone’s alarm to go off at a bizarre time such as 3AM or while they’re supposed to be in a meeting/quite event. TASK BONUS: Set multiple alarms.

WEEK 78  Car Fun:  Pretend to talk on the phone – a landline phone.

WEEK 79  Change someone’s ringtone to the most inappropriate or stupidest song possible & to the highest volume. BONUS: Change multiple tones.

WEEK 80  Car Fun:  Put a realistic mannequin/doll in your trunk so its visible when open. Open your trunk occasionally & shush it.

WEEK 81  Whenever someone compliments you, offer to sell it to them for $1 million dollars.  Bonus: Say “$ 1 million dollars” in Dr. Evil’s voice.

WEEK 82  Car Fun:  Try to start a sing along with other drivers while stopped at a railroad crossing.

WEEK 83  Wrap up an empty box and give it to someone as a gift. When they open it and look confused, say “You’re Welcome.”

WEEK 84 Car Fun:  While in a drive thru line, get out of your car and root around in the trunk for a while.

WEEK 85  Tell someone who gave you nothing: “Thanks for the gift!” or send them a Thank You note.

WEEK 86  Car Fun:  Put a recording of someone banging and screaming in your trunk.  Make sure it is on max volume.

WEEK 87  Press the Associate Call button/wave down a salesperson. When they arrive, look at your cell/watch, tell them “Excellent Time” then walk away.  Bonus points: If the salesperson is far away or busy

WEEK 88  Car Fun:  Play porn.  Make sure the screen is visible though the back window.

WEEK 89  When making plans tell someone you’ll meet them “Beneath the Hanging Tree”.  Bonus: Start singing the song

WEEK 90  Fake hyperventilate.  When someone asks if you’re okay, say yes and stop.

WEEK 91  Casually insert a nonsense word into a conversation.  When some one asks what it means/seems confused, tell them to look it up.  BONUS: They actually try to.

WEEK 92  Start marching in public.  BONUS: Sing “When the Saints Go Marching In” at the same time.

WEEK 93  Sing everything you would normally say.

WEEK 94  Microwave something stinky – cabbage, fish, etc. then walk through an entire building spreading the smell.

WEEK 95  Whenever anyone asks you a question reply: “Well, what would Weird Al Do?”

WEEK 96  Whenever anyone has a good idea, roll your arms & throw them in the air while saying “Go Team!”

WEEK 97  Repeat the last word someone says while laughing like it’s the funniest thing you ever heard.

WEEK 98  Select a random word.  Whenever someone says it, perform a predetermined action. BONUS POINTS: Common word and/or strange action. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Get others to do it with too

WEEK 99  Speak in song lyrics.

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