Seamonkey Droppings

Again? Really?


Give me a hug!


While it might well be interesting to see seamonkey droppings as opposed to dead little seamonkey bodies floating about (as it is an indication that they're actually still alive), this is a listing of places you can find the Gospel according to Grea outside of Seamonkey Ink. 


Don't worry, I was careful to stay with the radius of my ankle monitor's settings as prescribed by law....mostly.

Speculative Fiction Showcase


Interviews by Dante                                     November 2016


Pretty Hot


Shut Up & Read


Wanton Reads


SeaMonkey Ink: Grea Area




Lover's Quarrel



DTong Sports Broadcast   My first radio commercial!!!  It plays at approximately the 26:25, 1:02:00 and 1:33:00 marks.  Click to hear the spot!


Capital FM:  My 2nd commerical - Yorkshire,England on Capital FM.  Click to listen!  (Compare & contrast my friends, compare & contrast)


Seamonkey Ink
Goodreads  It's where my reviews live.

Library Thing It's where I once had a drunken 1 night stand & left behind some review babies (that I'm not entirely sure are mine).


Book Bub 


My Book Cave