More About the Authoress x 2: Grea Alexander

Why not sell things?


Because I was homeless as a teenager and I always remembered how awesome it was when people donated things that were in turn passed on to me free of charge.  The organizations I donate objects to the most are S.E.A.R.C.H. Houston and Covenant House Texas (also in Houston) because not only did they help me the most during that time but because they give your donations to participants free of charge.  I prefer that model to the we'll sell it and give a portion of the proceeds to the needy/charity model.


My preferred cash donation charity is the Houston Food Bank although I do donate to others.


Don't you give a portion of the proceeds from your book sales to charity?


I do, yes. (laugh)



Why don't you include your photo?


Because I'm incredibly homely. (laugh)


You don't look homely to me.


For my personal safety. (laugh)   I'm always raising someone's hackles for some reason or another whether it's intentional or not. I'm also very private person and I would prefer to gain readers/admirers based on my work rather than my appearance.  My appearance is just a bonus. (wink)


It says here that you are a self-described Arm-chair Activist.  What is an Arm-chair Activist?


An Arm-chair Activist is someone who signs a lot of petitions for various causes and organizations but does not attend protests, etc.  The way I look at it, if you don't even try to change things you don't agree with, you have no real right to complain about it.  You're a large part of the problem.


For 2013, you were named one of's Top "Arm-chair Activists of the Year.


Yes!  That was pretty cool.  And people say laziness doesn't pay off.  (laugh) 


Out of more than 25 million users, I am among the top 5 percent of petition participants.  This number doesn't even count the numerous activism groups I am involved with outside of Care 2.  I recon that gives me lots and lots of power (insert maniacal laughter here).


I also imagine my name is on some list somewhere at the CIA. (laugh)  I've been a member of Care2 since 2002.

Does the color coding on the Coming Soon Page have special significance?






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