More About the Authoress: Grea Alexander

How would you describe yourself?


I have 1 head with some hair on top of it; 2 eyes; 1 nose; 1 mouth complete with teeth, tongue, gums and uvula (my parents paid extra for that one); 2 ears; 1 neck; 2 boobs affixed to 1 torso; 2 arms (hands included though they were sold separately), 1 girlie part with 2 cushions affixed to the back, 2 legs and 2 feet. Sorry but I'm still waiting for the shipment with my toes to arrive.


What are some interesting facts about you?


I once lived in the jungle... naked...covered in only animal fecal matter, weathering the elements with only a grass blade for protection.  I survived by eating only those things too damned slow and stupid to get away from a naked, fecal matter covered human using a grass blade for an umbrella...for no particular reason whatsoever.







I was in the Guinness Book of World Records though.  Yes, really. I was a part of the World's Largest Human Rainbow formed at Transco Tower inHouston, TX in 1997.  The record held until 2002 which means I was in it during multiple editions.


I have a strange button fixation.  I like to press buttons both figuratively and literally. Most people would do well to keep me from the preschool aisle of a store or the holiday "press me I dance" toys because we'll be there all day.


I also have a strange affinity for trees - the larger, more gnarly, the better.  No idea why I heart trees so much (aside from the air purification and oxygen expulsion).  I always say I must have been a druid in another life.


I don't ever sell anything - even if it's brand new and I decide I don't want it. I tend to give things away - typically to a family member, friend or a charity. I have also been known to give things away to strangers. 


Even most of my completed novels were posted online on Seamonkey Ink for free for a long time.  This moving into a place where I am actually publishing and marketing my work for sale is a very new concept for me.  Still, it would be nice to get to a place where all I had to do to win my bread is something I love - write novels.


I have, however, been known to offer free download days/codes on my titles in exchange for a review.   Even then, however, most people fail to review or even bother to click in stars.


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